Paris - September 2002

Paris - September 2002

Images obtained using a Canon G1, during a visit of 1-week, never having been there before.

Highlights of the trip:-

1. Being able to utterly refute the reputation that Parisians and particularly French waiters have, for boorish arrogance and contempt of the English. Apart from a couple of occasions (both Metro ticket sellers) I found them charming and extremely patient with what remains of my schoolboy French. On one occasion, early in the trip, when I had despaired of being able to find the correct platform in a Metro station, a complete stranger went to enormous trouble to assist me. . . . . even to the extent of missing his own train to adequately guide me.

2. The wonderful, clean, efficient and CHEAP transport system. Trains buses and Metro. A 17 KM journey to Versailles, via Metro and bus, cost about £1-40 each way. Whoever is responsible for Londons transport system should find out how they do it.

3. My first view of The Grand Arch at La Defense and the superb modern architecture surrounding it.

4. Finishing dinner in a pavement restaurant near the Arch de Triomphe at about 1-00AM on the Sunday morning with the pavements still thronged with people, the Champs Elysses still crammed with traffic and people still entering the restaurant to eat. Truly amazing.


Lowpoints of the trip:- Just a couple.

1. The journey, with luggage, from the airport to the hotel. Bus; Train; Metro and finally a few streets on foot. All exacerbated by not really knowing, where one was going, or how to get to the various links. But mostly THE LUGGAGE. How I wished for Rincewinds (Discworld - Terry Pratchett) luggage on legs, which always manages to find him, wherever he is in space and time.

2. Realising, on the fourth day, that I am not a city person and badly needed a mountain stream.


I am left with the overall feeling that it was a great experience and an adventure, albeit exhausting. One that I am glad I did, but not one that I am likely to repeat soon. Nothing to do with Paris, just that I am a country boy and happier away from cities.

The images on this page are those that mean the most to me.

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The Notre Dame Cathedral interior left me with a oppressive feeling totally at odds with it's supposed spiritual nature.



The intriguing mixture of old and new architecture in Les Halles.




The Grand Arch at La Defense. Truly magnificent.




The photographer really fascinated me.



The lady, just left of centre, made this picture for me. Very elegant.

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