Las Vegas - Hawaii - 2005

Las Vegas then Hawaii - February/March 2005

Images obtained using an Olympus C8080, during a visit of nearly 5-weeks.

Aloha and Welcome to our memories.

Highlights of the trip:-

1. Visiting the Grand Canyon. One sees pictures and films of it, but they are nothing like the sheer grandeur of actually being there. The helicopter trip in and out of the canyon is a wonderful memory.

2. A Hummer trip into the desert. The driver was intent on proving that it could go anywhere and it did. A little bumpy :-) The desert was wonderful, would have loved to spend a few days out there with my 5x4, but had to settle for a few hours with the digital.

3. Visiting the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Awesome!!! Then the beauty of the Hawaiin islands!!!

4. Getting married in a very private ceremony in a tropical garden by a waterfall. A very moving spiritual experience and great FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowpoints of the trip:- Just a couple.

1. The sheer amount of time spent travelling. One is prepared for the long flights to get so far, but not the total time actually involved in making a 30/45 minute flight between islands. Including getting to and from airports, returning and collecting hire cars, planes being late, always allowing more time than was needed for those things due to having a pathological hatred of being late. It seemed as though a whole day was expended just to get between islands. On one memorable occasion it was.

2. Having my wallet stolen on the second island and then spending about 9-hours cancelling credit cards, arranging an emergency card and emergency cash. The worst aspect was losing my driving licence and having to persuade hire car offices that they could still provide me with a car.


Guide books recommended:- Wizard Publications excellent honest books.


We are left with many wonderful memories which will be with us for the rest of our lives.

The images on this page are those that mean the most to me.

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Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.


The Grand Canyon.


The power of the ocean. Truly magnificent.


Lava on Big Island.


The combination of storm clouds on the mountains and sun on the beach.

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Bruce Carter, FZPS

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