Harlech, Snowdonia 2002


Images obtained during the Zone 8 Photographic Society Meet and a few days afterwards.

Canon G1, Digital Camera.

All images are "as seen" without any arrangement by the photographer and generally, shown in the order in which they were taken.

All images are as photographed, except for normal adjustments to contrast and density.

"Burning" of the colour images, to emphasize form, has resulted in the colour density being increased.

Placing cursor over an image will pop-up name. Please click on an image to view larger.

Cwmystradlyn   Cwmystradlyn


Cwmystradlyn Bedgellert Cwmystradlyn


Croesor   Croesor


Rhaeadr y Cwm   Rhaeadr y Cwm

This was one of those rare occasions, when I could see exactly

what the print would be like before I took the picture.


Rhaeadr y Cwm Rhaeadr y Cwm Rhaeadr y Cwm


Near Bala Rhaeadr y Cwm Near Bala


Rhaeadr y Cwm   Rhaeadr y Cwm


Rhaeadr y Cwm Rhaeadr y Cwm Rhaeadr y Cwm

A variation on a theme.

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In some cases, both a colour and black & white version are shown, simply because I like them both equally.

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Bruce Carter, AZPS

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