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This was supposed to be just three favourites, but that was too difficult.

I believe it to be no coincidence that most of my favourites were taken in Snowdonia,

I have a great love for its beautiful grandeur in all weathers

and visit there several times a year to refresh the soul.

Canon EOS1, Canon G1, Wista 5"x4".

Updated June 2003. Most have stood the test of time, but one removed & two added.

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Llanberis - Oh good, it's raining again. 5"x4" My favourite place. Llyn Gwynant. Canon G1. Llanberis Park. Birch on slate spoil. 5"x4"


Rock veil - Llanberis. 5"x4" Bethesda. 5"x4" Poultney Bridge - Bath - Canon EOS1


Woodstock - A rainy morning. Canon G1.   Woodstock - A rainy morning. Canon G1.

The inclusion of colour and black & white versions of the leaf is deliberate.

I just saw it on a wet pavement and having the G1 in my pocket was able to photograph it.

It was initially taken to test the G1 in poor conditions, which it coped with magnificently.

I loved the colours caught on a dull wet winters day, but prefer the stark simplicity of the black & white version.

  Paris - 2002 - G1  

Paris - September 2002

  Close encounters of the third kind - G1  
Close encounters of the third kind - Harlech 2003

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Bruce Carter, FZPS

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