An exercise in self-gratification

last updated 01/03/2012


Photographic Galleries







A varied collection of images, mainly black & white, taken since 1991

I hope you will enjoy viewing them, as much as I enjoyed creating them.

I have also included some photographic articles that I have written, in case they are of interest to anyone.

Some links to other sites are given. These are sites which I have enjoyed, or found useful.

During my voyage of discovery into photography, I have received assistance and encouragement from many people, but I would like to acknowledge the contribution that three friends, in particular, have made to my enjoyment and understanding of photography.

Mike Skipper, for showing me the way to get the best results from film and his encouraging enthusiasm.

Brian Allen, for his unrivalled knowledge of all things photographic and for showing me places that I love.

John Crook, for his company on photographic trips and whatever of his skill and artistry that has rubbed off on me.

My sincere thanks to you all, may your Gods go with you, wherever you are now.

The basic website was posted (mid-June 2001), with only one gallery open. 6 more galleries were opened in October 2001, even if they still have more images to be added.

"Harlech 2002" ; "Vancouver 2000" and "A walk in the woods", added June 2002.

"Snowdonia-2" added June 2002.

"Canada/USA 1999" and "Somerset 2001" also added, June 2002.

A second page added to "A walk in the woods" July 2002.

"Paris 2002" added September 2002.

"Banbury"; "London" and "Love Is" opened October 2002.

"Harlech 2003 " added & "Current Favourites" amended. June 2003.

"Harlech 2004; Harlech 2005 and Hawaii 2005" added. June 2005.

"Spain 2006" added. August 2006

"Harlech 2007" added May 2007

"Canada 2007" added September 2007

Having been reminded how long it has been since I last put anything on here, "2008 to 2011 Miscellaneous"; "Berwick on Tweed - 2011" ; "Lanzarote 2011" and "Waterford 2011" were added on St; Davids Day 2012.

"Westport" added June 2015.ort

To view images correctly please adjust your monitor to show all Gamma Check steps

Signed Digital prints on art paper 10"x 8"nominal and 16"x 12" nominal, size decided by me to suit the image. Un-mounted prints all one price: $300, 200. Enquiries via e-mail.

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Bruce Carter, FZPS